Performance oriented and value oriented talents. Company management team has always believed that to focus on the interests of shareholders, more attention to all staff to share the fruits of labor in common, is committed to create a happy and harmonious working atmosphere, play to their potential, let employees grow with the company. Get staff to their own development and enterprise development are closely linked together, for which the company established perfect security system and personnel training system, to carry out various colorful entertainment activities, the enterprise run schools, the company into a family, harmonious and happy to create social value.

Management team, adhering to "revitalize national industry, the pursuit of the highest quality and the greatest degree of security of Sanitary grade valve pipe fittings products" business philosophy, to promote the company continue to brand banner, to talent as a fundamental, struggling to move forward toward its hundred years enterprise blueprint, "shares socialization, management science, industrial diversification, business global, brand internationalization".




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